Death Comes Crawling – In My Memories, Old

Before ‘Looking for Semblance’, my darkwave project Death Comes Crawling was a different entity. Originally guitar oriented, some recordings were made around the time ‘Shards of Silver Fade’ came out. Being much more goth rock/post punk sounding, these songs have been lying dormant for 4-5 years. Despite being a bit rough-around-the-edges, I have decided to release them as a 5 track EP called ‘In My Memories, Old’. This release bridges a gap between Midnight Odyssey and Death Comes Crawling, like a window into the past. This isn’t the direction that the project is heading, but I still consider these songs as the birthplace for Death Comes Crawling. Please visit the bandcamp link below to check it out.

1. Wither and Die

2. In My Memories, Old

3. These Thoughts Today

4. Shadows Standing

5. Don’t Be So Brave

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